Thinking Green: Green Codes Taskforce

Change can come in many forms, we just need to see what would be the best way to make these changes happen.  I am proud of what The Urban Green Council (NYC USGBC chapter) is doing to help bring some of these changes to our industry, from helping Local Law 89 happen to changing the city's building codes.

A little history, Urban Green put together a Green Codes Task Force that reviewed all of the cities building codes.  In Feb. of this year the report was presented to the Mayors office.  In late March the NYC Green Task Force, the offices of Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn met to review each proposal of the report.  From the information 10 bills have been proposed and are currently waiting for review on June 22nd by the Committee on Housing & Building.

Here is the link to report and the bills that are proposed: Read the Green Task Force Report    Green Codes Task Force Legislative Update - Description of Laws and how they have been modified from original report.

It is important to support and be involved in local chapters to help bring along change.  Urban Green is only one of these organizations that is making things happen in NYC.  These organizations can not have these changes happen without the proper support and volunteers, Example, the Green Codes Task Force was made up of professionals who volunteered their time from different sectors of our industry.  I am honored to be one of the volunteers receiving the 2010 Service Award from Urban Green at the end of the month Member Meeting.  I hope to continue giving my time and support to an organization that helps make change happen and educates professionals in our community. - check out the website for all the info on their education seminars and more

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