Thinking Green: Bringing Building Efficiency to Lighting

There are many ways to continually educate ones self, one great way is Webcasts.  You can view these from any location and they can be at any time.  The latest one I was a part of is "Bringing Building Efficiency to Lighting."  This was hosted by and the speakers were Rob Walson (Executive editor, Steven McGuire (Environmental market manager Philips Lighting) and Joel Makower (Executive editor

The webcast was very informative.  They covered information about:

*How lighting upgrade would be beneficial to facility managers
*How to use integrated principles to light buildings & into LEED
*How to apply integrated principles
*Importance of design
*Good interior & task ambient strategies

Talked about 5 myths in Lighting:
1. More is better - False
2. Saving light energy not as important as HVAC - False
3.Waste energy to turn light off - False
4. Incandescents are better then CFLs because they don't have mercury - False
5.LEDs last 5 times longer than florescent - False twice as long but technology is getting better and better

Also information about the new website from Philips for a website that is a bench marking tool for energy cost savings.  It has news, articles and other business info.  As well as a an energy test for personal and home, with recommendations on how to decease the use.  Check it out at

There are a lot of webcasts out there, some you pay for and some are free through manufacturers or other venues. Keep an eye out for those that might interest you.

Here is the link to the webcast:

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