Green Education: Composting

Through my research about composting in schools I found this book as a great tool to help start a cafeteria composting program.  I have spoken to a lot of experts in the field and have not found any known schools in the NYC area that compost in the cafeteria as well as the class rooms.  So, I will be attempting to add this part to the composting program at PS 151.

This book goes through the hows, whys and what to do step by step to set up a successful program.  The Author Binet Payne created a successful program in her school where she teaches.  The book also has example lesson plans, books for children , audit forms, posters and more.

I have set up a meeting this month with the head of composting from the queens botanical garden, the principle and head of school maintenance to go over the logistics of what needs to be done in September and talk about phasing of the project.

Some other useful sites and books on the subject are: - from Cornell Cooperative extension - from Biocycle, a composting trade magazine -
Lower East Side Ecology Center - Apartment composting video"Worms Eat My Garbage" - Book for home composting
"Worms Eat Our Garbage: Classroom Activities for a Better Environment" - Book that supports classroom instruction.

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