Thinking Green: Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is not only about our natural environment.  Sustainable practices protect human health and quality of life.  Corporations have a social responsibility to developing programs that do that. Sustainability is very important to a business it involves people, it involves our planet, it involves profit and  making sure they all work together.  Sustainable practices protect our health and our children's health and insuring that we have healthy people on a healthy planet.

Some things that a Corporation or and Organization can do are:

* Develop internal communications for sustainability to educate it's employees on this subject and relate the importance of these practices to the organization.

* Promote sustainability policies on all levels of the corporation by opening communication channels with all departments, for example:  collaborating with other teams including IT, Procurement, and Human Resources.

* Support and promote onsite sustainability events at local offices.

* Engage with employees to gather local knowledge related to sustainability, for example by finding NGO's that offer workshops on best practices and educational information.

* Develop external communication systems to promote company-wide sustainability programs globally via web marketing, social networks, mobile devices and more.

* Track metrics and benchmarks for corporate sustainability performance.

* Make sure all initiative are monitored and evaluated to make sure all are following the vision of the company and that improvements do not have to be made.

For those who would like more news about the subject check out the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability News website -

Keep thinking green and one person can make a difference be that person.