Thinking Green – Pollution Prevention

Thinking green on how to best control soil erosion and storm water runoff at job sites, office building and in your own homes. Here is a great item that needs to be looked into.

Coir is a 100% organic fiber, from a renewable source…the coconut husk. Naturally resistant to rot, moulds and moisture, it needs no chemical treatment. Hard and strong, it can be spun and woven into matting. It also has the right strength and durability to protect the slopes from erosion, while allowing vegetation to flourish. It can dissipate the energy of flowing water and absorb the excess solar radiation. It is a great product for LEED NC – Sustainable Sites prerequisite 1.

Coir geotextiles provide good support on slopes for about 5 years. It is resistant to saline water. Its greatest advantage is that it provides an ecological niche for a rapid re-establishment of the vegetation cover. Coir resembles natural soil in its capacity to absorb solar radiation. This means that there is no risk of excessive heating as happens sometimes in the case of synthetics.

Coir geotextiles come in various forms like woven netting and meshes woven coir blankets, coir logs, coir rolls, coir pillows, coir mulch and coir mattes. It can be used in both commercial and residential applications.

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  1. coir geotextiles are natural but sometimes we need the syntethics.