Design: SOLAR 2 - Green Energy, Arts and Education Center

Solar 2 is designed to achieve PLATINUM LEED* certification. It will be opening the fall of 2010 as New York City’s Green Energy, Arts and Education Center.

Solar 2 will generate more clean energy than it consumes and will be New York City’s first carbon-neutral building, using solar power and advanced mechanical systems to prevent the production and emission of carbon dioxide.

Some of the features that will make this building special include:

1. Recycled and renewable materials will be used in the building structure and interior furnishings.

2. A roof with photovoltaic panels will utilize the energy of the sun to generate even more electrical power than the building will require.

3. Geothermal wells will keep SOLAR 2 warm during the winter months using a technology that conducts heat from the Earth’s interior.

4. Green screens – exterior walls that provide a trellis-like structure for vegetation — will supply natural shading and filtered sunlight.

5. A living green roof will provide many benefits, including: reducing heating and cooling loads on the building; filtering carbon dioxide and other pollutants out of the air; combatting the urban heat effect, which makes cities measurably hotter than surrounding areas; and reducing stormwater runoff, helping to alleviate the load on New York City’s wastewater management system and thereby preventing the flow of raw sewage into our natural waterways.

6. The building’s efficient use of daylight and natural ventilation will save energy and money.

7. Rainwater collection will provide all non-potable water, conserving the municipal water supply.

Check out the website to see Floor plans, renderings and more information on this innovative and well designed building at

As Designers, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Developers, Corporations, Homeowners and Individuals this represents the type of space we should strive to create and live in for our future and for the future of our children.

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