Eco Product - Henna Baby

I tagged this site as part of my Eco Products for the great design and eco friendliness of it. The Artist is an Architect that is taking her creative eye and talent to create a great designed eco friendly product. Her designs are based on henna designs that she has been creating for over 15 years.

These eco friendly products are for babies and adults. The artist created all the designs and paints them all by hand; it makes all the pieces original works of art. All the onesies are made from high quality 100% organic cotton (SKAL certified) and dyed with non-toxic free dyes. All are painted with non toxic soft fabric paint.

Her motto is Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. So all the packaging has been reused or made from recycled materials to ease up on the environment.

These would be great gifts for new born babies, matching tops for little ones and parents / grandparents, and much more. Check out the website

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