Thinking Green: LEED workshops

Educating ones self is very important. There are many venues that offer educational workshops. Urban Green council is the USGBC NYC chapter and they have a lot of great educational workshops. Check out their calendar of events at

I recently attended the one of the LEED Workshop: Core Concepts and Strategies. The course subject went over LEED basics and mentioned a few other details:

1. LEED for Health Care and Retail will be launched in Nov. 2010
2. LEED for BO&M you will need to re-certify the building every year. Making sure the operation standards are kept up.
3. New Legislation is in the works that states all public buildings will have to publish their energy and water use.
4. For a project to be certified LEED for Homes states the building can only be 2 stories high but there is an existing pilot in NYC that allows a mid-rise 6 story building to be certified as such.
5. All LEED Certified buildings and projects will need to commit to sharing their water and energy usage data for 5 years with USGBC.
6. Before 2009 when on a project you were able to view other people's CIR request but as of the new LEED this will not be available and any question will need to be submitted.
7. Tip - If taking the Green Associates Exam make sure you know information about LEED for Homes 3rd party practices.

There are so many different workshops, lectures and tours that Urban Green provides, its worth checking them out. Also they offer LEED credits for keeping up with the educational credits you need if you are a LEED AP.

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