Green Education: Q151 Project

Happy to say the first phase of the project is on its way. With the support of the principle and the help of some great school staff we have established the first two gardens at Q151. Here is how we have gotten to this point so far. As I said before you have to get the head of the organization on board. I have spoken to the principle about the plans, as well as the head of building maintenance. With first creating the gardens, it is very important to get the head of building maintenance on board as he will be the main person that will help keep the gardens alive. At the school, I spoke to the principle to go over the plans and got his feedback. After that meeting, I spoke to the head of the maintenance, to go over the plans and see his feedback and concerns. From there I developed the plans for both gardens.

After having the plan of what to do and what I need, now how do you implement it. First step is to see how the community can help with the donations for the project. A donation letter had to be drafted and remember to get the tax id of the organization in the letter with a copy of it should be given with the letter. I went to local companies and others for help with donations some were Home Depot, Hicks Nursery, Queens Botanical Garden, Build it green NYC, LI Auto parts junk yard, Mounira Jaber and David G Roys Jr. After getting donations and some help from the school, I coordinated the install of the gardens.

I designed some sculptures from recycled materials for the 9/11 memorial butterfly garden. This will make it a focal point in the community as wel1 as teach kids that there are other uses for materials then their original intent. I also am hoping to get recycled materials as mulch, I am contacting a company to see if they would donate some.

The vegetable garden is also planted. I still want to design a back drop to the garden so it also becomes a focal point in the school, again recycled materials will be used for that. The children of the school are so excited for both gardens.

It is like a domino effect. The principle, staff, students and parents are starting to get excited about the program. This has made the principle more open to expanding the program and other ideas. One example is after the first recycling workshop this week by Grow NYC, the school was offered to be a part of the Public Schools Recycling Champions Program. The principle is excited and will see how the school can participate in this program starting next school year. I will be contacting some local organizations to get free composting workshops and start the school in a composting program as well.

The school is also having their playground expanded and will have some green space there as well that I will work with them to see what can be done with it as well.

Small steps can go a long way. The saying "plant a seed and watch it grow" is true, this is for everything we do. You just need to know where to plant the right seeds, so observe, analyze and plant, more to come.

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