Thinking Green: Education - Free Webinar "Green Buildings & LEED"

I have been passionate about the environment all my life, from cleaning up beaches to talking to others about what we need to do to protect it. It is a very exciting time to see the change in our industry and in all industries.  I see sustainability in everything that we have to do and it is it's time as it is becoming a money maker as well.  In our society, for business to change there has to be financial benefits. Understanding how these financial benefits can happen to all companies is important to help make this change happen.

I have been reading and talking to a lot of people on the subject and how to help bring on change.  They have been asking how to help this change happen and why is it so hard for people to start making this change.  Some people called it ignorance and others called it habit in why change is not coming fast, I call it lack of knowledge.  In our culture we have been brought up to be a consumer society that throws everything away.  Be it in a business, where that culture is set or a town or city or state, etc. the culture is learned by seeing others do it.  How do we change that culture?  Setting up new rules, talking about it and educating our employees, public and children.  Education is a very important part of that culture change and it should be done on all levels of an organization and society.

With that belief in mind, I am happy to be working with to bring my first webinar on "Green Building for Beginners Webinar: Introduction to Green Building and LEED" for Free to the public.  Check it out at . I hope to have more of these in the future.

We are all leaders of change, finding creative ways to help bring on that change is important.  We might be lost in the forest but all of us working together we can create a path.

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