Eco Thinking: Greener Greater Buildings (GGBP) Plan: 4 Energy Laws

This week I went to The Urban Green Council's free training session on NYC's Greener Greater Buildings (GGBP) Plan: 4 Energy Laws.  It was very informative and they have 2 more scheduled on their calendar for all that are interested; check it out at 

The Mayor’s office, building department and other organizations such as The Urban Green Council have free information workshops to help in the understanding of the requirements.  For more information and free training sessions check out  or
NYSERDA also has programs that can help with funding the Benchmarking, Energy Audits, and much more; check out their website for more information at .  Just remember this organization does not know the letter of these laws, so when looking for funding on parts of the requirements, like benchmarking, a business owner or manager will have to understand the whole energy picture of their building to get help from the right program offered.

Overall these laws were made for owners to be able to understand and manage their energy use, while improving our built environment.  Also, these buildings will be graded and made public for all to see.  This will also benefit the real estate market in the future as prospective buyers will know the efficiency of the building they are buying and the cost savings they will have with that efficiency.

Part of Plan NYC’s GGBP is a concentration on existing building’s energy and water efficiency.  Why a concentration on existing buildings?  Buildings make up about 75% of NYC’s carbon emissions and by 2030 existing buildings will make up of 85% of the cities real estate.  There are 4 laws that building owners and managers need to be aware of and understand.  The Laws are as Follows:

Local Law 85, NYC Energy Conservation Code – Compliance went into effect July 2010
Local Law 84, Benchmarking Energy and Water Usage  – compliance needs to be met by May 1st 2011
Local Law 87, Energy Audits and Rerto-commissioning – compliance for some area’s starts in 2013
Local Law 88, Lighting Upgrades and Sub-metering – compliance by 2025

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  1. local law 84 was passed in 2009 and since then Energy usage has been controlled significantly. Which proved to be the best ordinance to save wasted energy.