Design Management: Creativity, Design and Darwinism

 Many things will inspire you in life or just strike a cord of revelation or connection.  I was reading an article on the DMI web page and it inspired me to write this blog.

I have been part of the Design Management Institute (DMI) for years now. DMI has great information and bring design and business leader together to educate and advance business on all levels. My Masters in Design Management has taught me the importance of Design on all levels of business and how to use design and creativity can make a company grow.  I was reading one article by Charles Bezerra titled "Key to Innovation" where he links Darwinism to business practice.

One part of the article hit home in what I have been saying to some companies out there about the green movement and what to do in managing change to be the leaders in the industry.  Charles stated "Darwin never said that the strongest or the most intelligent is the one that survives; what he really said was the one who survives is whoever is better prepared for change, in other words, the most adaptable. In a world of extreme competition as we live, people and organizations need to learn to adapt faster and faster."

In business a company needs to stay ahead of the competition and make sure that it has the tools to stay ahead of the game. As back in the 80's ADA changed the way the industry thinks so is the green / sustainability movement.  For any company to be one that gets the jobs and stay ahead of all they will need to adapt to the change.  Adaption needs to happen on all levels of the organization.  This needs to be done consecutively.  Making sure all communication channels are open and all internal and external communication systems are sending the same message.  Analyzing existing standards,tools and seeing what needs to be added or changed is important.

At the same time an organization needs to make sure that their employees are also educated to what the changes are and what they need to do.  Educating the staff on all levels will create a solid team and insure that mistakes are not made.  "To innovate, a company needs to create the right environment, the right culture to inspire people and enlighten their minds, in order to lead people to reach their full potential. Acquiring machinery, processes, and systems has no value if we don’t invest in people. This is the most important job for today’s leaders. In innovation there are no formulas. Before creating innovations, we need to create the innovators."

I understand these needs and have started M3D Consulting to help organization with the change process. Check out my website for more information.

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