Eco Thinking: Retrofiting Existing Buildings

One of the seminars at the Urban Green Expo this year was "Recognizing the Benefits of Energy Efficient in Multi-residential Real Estate."  The subject was about a study being done with the coordination of Steven Winters Associates, Living Cities Foundation that is funded by Deutshe Bank and EBC (Environmental Business Council).  In the study they were looking at what would be the optimum retro fitting options for existing building and that would bring the most return on investment.  In the study they looked at all options from water savings, window upgrades, boiler upgrades, energy star appliances and what the ultimate savings would be.  The study is still in progress but the report will be posted on the Living Cities website upon completion at

From the discussion the most cost effective evaluations to date would be as follows:
  1. Change windows to save on energy from heating and cooling the interior environment
  2. Upgrade boiler system of the building would have a fast payback in savings
  3. Change to energy saving light bulbs in all building units and common areas
  4. Upgrade to Energy Star appliances in all units when possible
  5. Educate building occupants on water and energy saving measures they can do everyday
  6. Educate Super and building staff on sustainable practices
Keep moving forward and finding ways to change our built environment for the benefit of all.

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