Eco Product: NanaWall

Here is a product that is great to design with and is Ideal for Green Design Projects. NanaWall allows natural sunlight to illuminate interiors, saving energy with passive solar, building orientation and reduced demand on artificial lighting. High performance windows are able to also significantly reduce the energy loss through the building envelope.

The use of NanaWall provides the following health and living/work space benefits:

• Be able to build a smaller building by being able to utilize the outside as part of the living space
• NFRC/Energy Star certified systems with industry leading U-factors and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients
• Weather resistant with excellent air infiltration and water penetration ratings
• Excellent acoustic performance
• Recyclable aluminum frames with 50% recycled content with eco friendly powder coated finishes
• Wood frames with eco friendly water based pretreatment. PEFC certified Douglas fir standard and FSC certified pine, meranti, spruce, and American white oak available on request.
• Natural ventilation
• Daylighting with more natural light
• Innovative Shipping Crates design

NanaWall can achieve 30 points under the USGB’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for New Construction and Existing Building. The following credits can be sought after:

• SS CR 8: Light Pollution Reduction
• EA CR 1.1-1.10: Minimum Energy Performance
• MR 2.1,2: Construction Waste Management
• MR 4.1,2 4.1: Recycled content of Materials
• MR 5.1, 2: Regional Materials
• MR 7: Certified Wood
• EQ 2: Increased Ventilation
• EQ 3.2: Construction IAQ Management
• EQ 6.1, 6.2Lighting System & Thermal Comfort Controllability
• EQ 7.1: Thermal Design
• EQ 8.1, 8.2: Daylighting
• ID Cr 1.1: Innovation

NanaWall not only can help a LEED project but is a great tool for a design team. It has a lot of flexibility and can create diverse environments with the products application. This product gives the design team freedom to push beyond the buildings envelop. For more information check out their website at

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