Thinking Green: Celebrating Earth Day

Today, more than ever, we need to appreciate what we have and everyone needs to pull together and do what we can to help clean up our planet. Earth day is here for us to celebrate the planet, our home; but we need to be celebrating it every day of the year and seeing how we can help heal what was done.

We can make a big difference by transforming our built environment to work with our planet instead of against it; as Designers, Architects, Building owners and end-users, Real estate developers, Facility managers, Engineers, General contractors, Subcontractors, Product and Building system manufacturers and more. It should be part of our design thinking and intent; it should be in our site selection, our product selection, and our vision to how we need to move forward in everything we do.

Green building practices are what we need to start thinking about and implementing:

• Remember that not only do Green building design and construction practices that meet specified standards help resolve much of the negative impact buildings have on the environment but also the building’s occupants. As we design to help the environment we are helping ourselves as well.

• Green building uses resources more wisely and efficiently than conventional approaches. For example proper waste management can decrease trash that would otherwise end up in a landfill and provide an opportunity for recycling.

• The goal of green building is to run a building at peak operational efficiency. The costs to power a building is one the biggest expenses for building management.

• Green building is a growing trend, and having a building LEED certified is going to soon become the norm. LEED buildings have real benefits, real results, and a LEED building is something tenants and consumers are going to increasingly seek.

• A green building is a more comfortable to work in and provides a healthier environment. Because of this, a green-built building will have improved employee retention and reduced absenteeism.

Take this day, as we do starting a new year with a new resolution to Think Green and Happy Earth Day!!!

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