Thinking Green: Energy – NYSRDA

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is a public benefit corporation. They funded the creation of New York Energy SmartSM which helps to maintain momentum for the State’s efforts to develop competitive markets for energy efficiency; demand management; outreach and education services; research, development, and demonstration; low-income services; and to provide direct economic and environmental benefits to New Yorkers.

NYSERDA will help pay for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects. For example they will pay about $10,000 for Energy Modeling of a building system. And now under the new federal economic stimulus funding here are some things they will help out with:

State Energy Program:
• Energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy capital projects
• Building and facility energy audits
• EE in residential housing
• Transportation EE and alternative Fuels

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants:
• Building energy audits
• Financial incentives for EE retrofits
• Transportation EE programs
• Building code services
• Energy distribution technologies
• Material conservation programs
• Technologies to reduce or capture greenhouse gases from landfills
• Replacement of traffic signals and street lighting with EE technologies
• On-site renewable energy technology that generates electricity for government buildings

Alternative Fueled Vehicles Pilot Grants:
• Alternative fueled vehicles, hybrid vehicles, or fuel cell vehicles
• Fueling infrastructure
• Operation and maintenance

Transportation Electrification:
• Projects that encourage the use of plug-in electric drive vehicles
• Truck-stop electrification, electric truck refrigeration, electric rail

Also please note that these items are also tax deductible, as well as, they can help you sell LEED to you client. Not only can this save them money, help the environment but also encourage you to shoot for some LEED points, such as:

EA Credit 1: Optimized Energy Performance
EA Credit 2: On-Site Renewable Energy
EA Credit 5: Measurement and Verification
EA Credit 6: Green Power
SS Credit 4.3: Alternative Transportation: Low emission & fuel efficient vehicles.

These are just some areas to think about but if you look into it at their website,, or follow the link on my site, you can get more ideas and see what saving can be brought to your project.

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